The Motivation

First, a confession:  this is not my first attempt at a blog.

My previous attempts typically died after a post or two.  What makes things different this time?  I heard a podcast a couple of months ago where the guests listed reasons why I should consider doing this.  Improving my writing skills, sharing tips and tricks I’ve found during the course of my work, networking with peers, and having a public body of work were all reasons that resonated with me.

So, what should readers expect?  My goal is to post something at least weekly.  With my upcoming VMware VCP training, lots of vintage equipment finding its way into my house and plenty of excitement at the office, I should be able to post with some regularity.  I expect to eventually involve YouTube at some point, but I’m going to crawl before I try to walk.  I did fire up a Twitter Account for the stuff that’s better suited to short form.

Incidentally, I’m not getting paid to say this, but it’s easy to find offer codes on various podcast networks right now, and it’s awesome having somebody else to the heavy lifting for less than four bucks a month.  Having had to maintain and patch WordPress sites in the past, I like being able to focus on what I want to write and not whether the next WP patch is going to nuke a custom theme.